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Dates: To Be Determined

Total Duration: 44 hours

Type of Course: Private/Small Group or Individual

** Due to the advanced level of this course, students need to complete one course at Himalayan School of Art before enrolling OR students need to demonstrate their skill level prior to enrollment.  There must be a minimum of four students in the class.

During this course students learn all components of mandalas.  Mandalas are sacred maps that symbolize the abode of a diety and/or represent the universe.  Mandalas are contained within a circle of fire and depict a “bird’s-eye view” of a temple with four entrances. 


Mandalas have become common in the west but have lost their roots and many people are not aware of the significance of their history and use.  By taking this course students are educated on the ancient history of mandalas and their uses as aids in meditation. 


Students are strongly encouraged to take another course with Mandala School of Art as preparation for this advanced course, unless the student has a background in art. 

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